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Coyote Cruises looking for team to maximize channel fun

Coyote Cruises looking for team to maximize channel fun

Coyote Cruises is looking for the “best of the best” to help it deliver a fun, safe and memorable experience to guests enjoying Penticton’s River Channel — including its vibrant waterfront and one of the most beautiful settings in the Okanagan Valley.

Coyote Cruises specializes in a full-service river-tubing experience known as ‘Float the Channel’ and we have plans to expand our service offering and grow the business.

Our human resources and hiring priority will follow the PIB Community vision — with a focus PIB members, in particular our youth. We plan to provide significant training and development opportunities.

If you are interested in working at Coyote Cruises this summer — in guest servics or as a bus driver — we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the 10 question online application by April 17.

We’re making big changes

Coyote Cruises has signed a partnership agreement that will be majority-owned by Penticton Indian Band.

Our partners are local tourism industry professionals, leaders in youth employment who manage existing leases with the City of Penticton and have tourism and hospitality experience operating.

These partners include LocoLanding, The Peach and Boston Pizza.

We are working with Penticton’s Parks and Recreation process to acquire a long-term lease for the next 20 years. In the interim, we are operating under a short-term license to use.

We will continue to build our brand as a culturally vibrant Indigenous tourism destination.

Initial concepts shown above included engagement with PIB members in the design for the new building.

Our team is working on a three-year plan for structural and design upgrades, and improved services in order to provide a world-class experience.

Coyote Cruises’ growth supports increased employment and economic opportunity from food and beverage sales, to retail opportunities for both Coyote Cruises branded items, art and crafts.

We encourage PIB band members to bring forward entrepreneurial ideas that could be promoted and complement Coyote Cruises operations.

K’uL Management Group would like to recognize and thank The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development for a grant in the amount of $10,000 to support the rebranding of Coyote Tourism, and development of a marketing strategy.

For more information about hiring and recruitment visit