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K’uL Group Welcomes Marlee Jack To The Team

K’uL Group Welcomes Marlee Jack To The Team

As the new Accounts and Receivable clerk for the K’ul Group, Marlee Jack will be administering vendor accounts for Westhills Aggregates, Skaha Hills, K’ul Construction and Coyote Cruises.  

It’s a diverse portfolio that will keep her busy — but she’s ready for the challenge.   

Working with PIB as the Accounts Payable clerk for two years definitely prepared her for taking the next step in her finance career.  

“I’m excited with the direction K’ul Group is headed,” she said. “The mentorship and level of expertise within the team is really apparent and motivating.  As a band member, I find the project focus really timely. “

If you asked Marlee what she wanted to be when she grew up, Finance and Accounting would not have made the Top 10 list.  It wasn’t until she started her Business and Administration degree at Okanagan College that she began to get a feel for what finance was all about.

From there, she was all in.

“The structure and organization of finance are fascinating.  It’s such an integral part of a business, budgeting, forecasting — I really enjoy being a part of that. “

“It’s also taught me so much about my own personal finances. From budgeting for a new vehicle and saving for a mortgage, I’m able to make much better decisions with my money.”

Marlee is an avid reader and enjoys a variety of subjects. You’ll find on her bookshelf a selection of business strategy and finance with just a few romance novels for fun.  

She’s currently studying The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and there’s a flurry of decluttering happening at home that she shares with her sister.

Around town, you’ll see her with her constant companion Princess, her beloved Bouvier pup, and boyfriend, Cory.