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Skaha Hills delivers immediate benefit
to WestHills Aggregates

Skaha Hills delivers immediate benefit <br>to WestHills Aggregates

A jumpstart to the Skaha Hills project through K’uL Construction creates a significant opportunity for its sister company, Westhills Aggregates.

With its resources fully engaged on the $360-million project, WestHills Aggregates has contracted with band-member companies and other partners to help it move more than 43,000 cubic meters of dirt on the development site over the next 30 days.

K’uL Construction is “under the gun” to begin building houses with more than 35 houses already pre-sold on the hill. Westhills Aggregates started on the project on May 8 and has called on all its resources to get this done.

“This is an expression of how the Band participates fully as owner, operator and builder,” said Chief Chad Eneas. “Our companies are participating in the Valley economy.

“A project so large means we have to sub-contract some of the work to our strategic partners. In this way we can continue to grow our economy beyond many people’s expectations”.

“The acceleration of PIB companies through K’uL Group is an important  demonstration of the Penticton Indian Band exercising jurisdiction title and rights in its’ economy,” said Councillor Ernest Jack.

One of those benefiting from the upswing in activity is Fred Kruger, a Council member who owns Dog Creek Trucking.

“As a councillor and business owner, I am excited by the opportunities that K’uL Group is bringing to the band and its members,” he said.

The largest project the Penticton Indian Band has ever undertaken, K’uL Construction is expanding its role at Skaha Hills, partnering with Greyback Construction and others on the hillside development.

The band was a minority partner in the first three phases, with some of its members working with Greyback Construction.

“The first couple of years for any startup company are challenging, and K’uL Construction is no different,” said K’uL Group CEO Jonathan Baynes.. “With the support of established sister companies like Westhills Aggregates and our strategic partners, we are confident in our ability to grow and meet every challenge.

“We’re excited that the growth across our K’uL Group of companies is creating more opportunities for PIB members and is having an impact on the economy of the South Okanagan,”

The K’uL Group’s efforts — through its member companies — are gaining traction and increasing support among PIB members, says CEO Jonathan Baynes.

“More and more, band members are beginning to see the realization of our commitment to not only building a sustainable economy but also creating true prosperity for generations to come,” he said.

“We have a clear mandate from members through Chief and Council to build a sustainable economy, that creates opportunity for everybody, and respects the land and its people,” Baynes said. “There are some elements within the band that are not on-board yet, and that’s unfortunate.

“Unfounded interference and threats of shutdowns are putting this project at risk and have the potential of hurting members and their families for generations to come.