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PIB grad eager to get down to business with Coyote Cruises

PIB grad eager to get down to business with Coyote Cruises

Watching Jonah Cramer on the job, you get the quick impression he’s not afraid of hard physical work.

Today, he’s cleaning up a landing area at the south end of the Okanagan River Channel; earlier this week he tackled a roof that needed painting at the Coyote Cruises launch centre.

But Jonah is looking forward to putting a business administration education — with a human resources option — to work this summer now that he’s employed by Coyote Cruises as Team Supervisor.

The son of Toni and Clint George, Jonah moved to Penticton from Prince Geoge when he was 14. He has grown up on the reserve, attending school and working with WestHills Aggregates, SuperSave Gas and Coyote Cruises.

He’s also a member of the Penticton Indian Band Fire department.

Graduating with his Business Administration diploma this spring, Jonah was eager to win the job at Coyote Cruises.

“I wanted to test what I have learned from my education — at least get a little bite of it,” he explained. “There’s only so much theory and practice you can do before you need to get thrown into the real world to see how things really work.”

He talks about putting a fresh physical face on the Coyote Cruises property, but wants to enhance the visitor experience by working with a motivated team.

That, he says, means “hiring the right people and creating a good team of people who love what they do.”

“They should want to see the business that they work in succeed and provide the best customer service they can,” he explains. “And hopefully they learn some solid skills and make some good connections along the way.”

Coyote Cruises is a premiere tourist experience in the Penticton community. From June through to September, thousands of floaters will dot the seven-km channel that links Okanagan and Skaha lakes.

Many of them will enjoy the Coyote Cruises experience of a clean innertube or raft and a bus ride back to their vehicles.

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