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Skaha Hills civil work complete: here come more exquisite homes

Skaha Hills civil work complete: here come more exquisite homes

(SN”PINKTIN | June 16, 2019) — “We’re on time, on budget and ready to roll.”

WestHills Aggregate’s Interim General Manager Ken Rife gave the good news to K’uL Construction’s team last week, showing off a reimagined Skaha Hills Phase Four development site that is now ready for home building.

“As soon as we get the word, we’ll start digging basements.”

The WestHills team — supplemented by band-member companies and other partners — moved almost 50,000 cubic meters of dirt to reshape the canvas for the next Skaha Hills addition.

“This is what you can expect moving forward from WestHills,” said Rife as he pointed to the hillside. “This is what a site should look like when you’re done and I wouldn’t accept anything less.

“The equipment is parked nice and neatly. Everything is graded out. When you look up there, it’s like a Rembrandt painting.”

With more than 35 homes pre-sold, the K’uL Construction team is itching to get started, said General Manager Greg Grayson. He joined the tour with Project Manager Brian Murphy and K’uL CEO Jonathan Baynes.

“We’re very excited with the professional quality of work by our sister company,” said Grayson. “This provides a solid foundation on which we can add our own excellence and build homes that not only offer amazing views but also exquisite design and master craftsmanship.”

Although he was engaged in the earth-moving, PIB Councillor Fred Kruger was still impressed with the WestHills effort over the last 30 days.

“This is the huge step forward that we’ve been looking forward to for a long time now,” Kruger said. “To see what the site looks like today compared to three weeks ago, it’s fantastic.

The largest project the Penticton Indian Band has ever undertaken, K’uL Construction is expanding its role at Skaha Hills, partnering with Greyback Construction and others on the hillside development.

The band was a minority partner in the first three phases, with some of its members working with Greyback Construction.

“This is something the band can be incredibly proud of — the quality of work and the timeframes,” said Baynes. “It shows me what we can do when we work together.”