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Job Posting – Experienced Carpenter – K’uL Construction

At K’uL Construction, we relate our success directly to the strength of our team. To continue operating at these standards, we’re seeking an experienced Carpenter. The Carpenter is responsible for constructing and maintaining residences and buildings. The Carpenter is responsible for maintaining buildings. This includes making repairs to the internal and external structure and ensuring buildings are safe. Knowledge of residential construction and remodeling trades, practices, procedures, techniques, tools and equipment, materials, specifications, quality control, cost control, and safety. The Carpenter must be proficient at the following tasks: stain-grade trim work, hang doors, drill and set door hardware, set windows, layout for stairs and common rafters, read blueprints, utilize appropriate math skills, able to read blueprints, and must possess mathematical skills and analytical skills necessary to do material estimates.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Read and interpret blueprints
  • Start and complete jobs according to drawings and within the allotted time frame
  • Lay building foundations
  • Confirm trueness of structures, with a plumb bob and level
  • Framing, concrete and finishing
  • May be required to build trestles, bridges, towers and other structures
  • Operate and maintain carpentry tools and equipment
  • Keep a daily log of tasks
  • Respect and respond to direction given
  • Set up scaffolding as needed
  • Perform other related duties, including minor duties of other trades where certification is not required and the work do not exceed own limitations
  • Understand and comply with all company policies and procedures
  • Other duties as required


For more information, please click here to view the job posting.