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Competition Communication

Good Afternoon,


As the community knows, Westhills Aggregates has conducted job competitions for the positions of General Manager and Pit Operations Foreman. 

Both job postings were posted on April 30, 2020. They were posted on Indeed, K’uL Management Group website and were sent to PIB administration as well as other surrounding reserves for them to post.

Applicants were able to apply through the website Indeed as well as sending a cover letter and resume directly to the Human Resources Manager which was stated in both job postings.


Here is a break down of the applicants:

General Manager

Applicants: 41

Screened In: 5

Screened Out: 36


Pit Operations Foreman

Applicants: 25

Screened In: 3

Screened Out: 22


All applicants had their resumes reviewed and were either screened-in or out based on experience related to the requirements and duties of the posted job opportunities.


The interviews for the General Manager position were conducted on Tuesday, May 19, 2020. 

The successful candidate for the General Manager position is Desmond O’Brien.


The interviews for the Pit Operations Foreman were conducted on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

The successful candidate for the Pit Operations Foreman is Chris Ingle.


We wish the chosen candidates success in their new positions, and we thank all that applied and participated in the job competitions.


Thank You.


         – Kul Management Group & Westhills Aggregates LP