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Indigenous companies play a leading role in the hydrogen economy

Webinar recording – 26th May 2020

This webinar on the hydrogen economy discussed how low-cost, low-carbon intensity hydrogen can be produced using surplus renewable energy and subsequently be injected into the natural gas grid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on high-carbon fuels.  Other topics include power-to-gas initiatives that are currently underway in Canada and the US, as well as opportunities for First Nations and independent power producers to develop renewable P2G projects.

The following points were made by K’uL during this webinar:

  1. We lean towards a decentralized approach to energy security, hence our focus on micro-grids and adding value to indigenous nations from existing infrastructure. Eg. Co-locating supply and demand
  2. We are absolute in our commitment to a regenerative energy future away from fossil fuels.
  3. We understand that we are in a transitional period to get to the energy and economic model we want. Wherever possible we want to address the polarization that has taken place between the large energy companies and the environmentalists and focus on solutions.
  4. Any language of “them” and “us” in the energy conversation reinforces separation. We are all connected to each other and the planet, and none of us are disposable.
  5. The wisdom found in Indigenous nations is significant in shaping a new energy and economy. Consider; the circular economy, regenerative systems, multi generational planning, assertion of authority over lands, economy and self determination.

The line-up of webinar speakers included: