K'ul Group

Previously known as PIBDC (Penticton Indian Band Development Corporation), the K’uL Group leads and manages the business interests of the Penticton Indian Band. K’ul Group is governed by its own independent board of seasoned business professionals and the shares are wholly owned by the Penticton Indian Band. The Chairman of the Board is Mr Warren Hannay and the CEO of the corporation is Jonathan Baynes.

K’ul is a Syilx word meaning to work, to make, to create. The root word is Kul’n’chut’n, meaning, Creator. The rebranding of economic development and the business interests of the Penticton Indian Band (PIB), is to convey a clear message around the vision and way in which the PIB seeks to do business and build an economy. K’ul Group is seeking to build a sustainable economy that creates wealth across multiple generations, is aligned with the values of the Okanagan Nation and addresses poverty wherever it can.

Our Mission Vision & Mandate

Our simple mandate is to increase revenues for the Penticton Indian Band (called Own Source Revenues) by utilizing band assets in a way that is sustainable and reflects the values of the band for generations to come.

We want to CREATE AN ECONOMY for the Penticton Indian Band through investments, partnerships and business activity that supports the exertion of title and rights on PIB lands for future generations.

We will support the Penticton Indian Band in addressing poverty wherever it can and will seek to create opportunities for every PIB member, through meaningful employment, infrastructure that opens up economic opportunity for band members and the incubation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Our Team

Jonathan Baynes — CEO

Jonathan Baynes

K'uL Management Group

Jonathan joined us as CEO in March 2018, bringing an inspired depth of business transformation. He has formed multiple national and international partnerships and shaped and launched new products across industries such as telecoms, technology and education. Fascinated by new ideas and the connectedness of everything, he loves creating clarity from complexity. He is passionate about bringing products to market that make the world a better place. In an unusually varied career, he has been senior partner of two technology companies, a chief marketing officer to a telecoms company, a CEO of a charity, as well as advising and mentoring various start-up companies in the UK and North America.

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