Coyote Cruises 2020

Coyote Cruises is excited, and relieved, to be able to safely open for the 2020 season.   After a successful year leading Penticton’s top tourism attraction, Jonah Cramer, will be returning for a second and final year as our manager.  This year, Jonah will be training two youth in preparation for their step into management…

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Westhills Aggregates LP – Labourer

Labourer (2 Positions)                                   Posting Date: June 1, 2020 Reports to:  Pit Operations Foreman       The K’uL Management Group was formed to foster the development of a sustainable economy for the Penticton Indian Band. K’uL Group is…

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Indigenous companies play a leading role in the hydrogen economy

Webinar recording - 26th May 2020 This webinar on the hydrogen economy discussed how low-cost, low-carbon intensity hydrogen can be produced using surplus renewable energy and subsequently be injected into the natural gas grid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on high-carbon fuels.  Other topics include power-to-gas initiatives that are currently underway in…

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Competition Communication

Good Afternoon,   As the community knows, Westhills Aggregates has conducted job competitions for the positions of General Manager and Pit Operations Foreman.  Both job postings were posted on April 30, 2020. They were posted on Indeed, K’uL Management Group website and were sent to PIB administration as well as other surrounding reserves for them…

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Read more on Indigenous companies lead the way in renewables

Indigenous companies lead the way in renewables

Indigenous companies lead the way in renewables   Penticton Indian Band company, K'uL Management Group began exploring the emerging global hydrogen economy in the autumn of 2018 as a point of entry into the renewable hydrogen (RH2) and the power to gas (P2G) sectors. They formed K’uL H2Go to begin gathering R&D and market intelligence…

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