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In the heart of the Okanagan we are the changing face of tourism, forestry, construction, and economic development.

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K’ul Group is investing in the economic growth and sustainability of resources, lands, and people situated in Penticton on BC’s largest reserve.

Our mission is to continue to help our people invest in projects that push our communities toward a prosperous and sustainable future. Through innovative programs, businesses, and ideas we are creating a system where the whole community is benefiting equally and where there is opportunity for everyone.

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We have a responsibility to remove poverty wherever we can find it. Our people are our greatest resource, and by creating generational wealth for everyone, not only the privileged, we can see our people, our resources and our way of life thrive.

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K’uL Group oversees a number of highly successful companies and is continually in the process of growing these companies, acquiring new companies, starting new companies and entering into Joint Venture (JV) partnerships.

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K’uL Group recognizes several entrepreneurs who have started their own successful businesses.

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Building on Past Success

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Projects & Initiatives that Push Our Community Forward

Westhills Aggregates

Serving Penticton and area for over 25 years, Westhills Aggregates provides a complete selection of construction sand and gravel services with a focus on crushing (cracked rocks) and screening (naturally round rocks) construction aggregate.

In addition to trucking and delivering construction products for customers, Westhills Aggregates also employs excavation equipment that allows for both small and large construction jobs, including road maintenance, site preparation, excavation, snow removal and plowing, water line installations and septic system installations.

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