We’re building opportunity for PIB members

Our team is dedicated to achieving an audacious, incredibly rewarding outcome. Our simple mandate is to increase revenues for the Penticton Indian Band by utilizing band assets in a way that is sustainable and reflects the values of the band for generations to come.

We want to create an economy for the Penticton Indian Band through investments, partnerships and business activity that supports the exertion of title and rights on PIB lands for future generations.

We will support the Penticton Indian Band in addressing poverty wherever it can and will seek to create opportunities for every PIB member, through meaningful employment, infrastructure that opens up economic opportunity for band members and the incubation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

If that sounds like something you can get behind, join us.


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Our Programs

The K’uL Management Group is creating a registry of PIB-related businesses to provide for improved communication and notification of potential opportunities (including tenders). Our mandate is to deliver opportunity first to band members. We encourage all PIB members who provide services to add their names to the registry.